Motorcycle ECU Flashing & Dyno-Tuning

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25 yrs of Experience and Accumulated Knowledge of all things EFI, Dyno-Tuning and ECU Flashing

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ECU Flashing
No Dyno available? Just want a basic flash to suit your exhaust/air filter/cam mods?
We can flash a huge range of ECU, have access to 1000's of maps for hundreds of models
Send your ecu to us and usual turnaround 24-48hrs.
American, Japanese,  Italian, and other Euro
(Indian & Victory and some BMW we need the bike for flashing)

To enable us to offer these services we have one of the best equipped Motorcycle Fuel Injection Tuning and Diagnostic Workshops in the country, with Software and Hardware to access many different motorcycle ECU for mapping, an excellent range of Diagnostic Scan Tools, a top flight Tuning and Diagnostic Eddy Current Dynamometer and associated test equipment.

Before buying a Power Commander or other add-on device/tuner, get in touch. Theres a good chance we can offer a better solution and save you some $$$

SO, if you need a basic flash to remove restrictions, or an upgrade of your LAMS ecu, or a new map to suit your new mufflers, want your bike Dyno Tuned and custom maps flashed to suit your bike,  give us a txt. You can try ringing but I spend a lot of time in the dyno room and probably wont hear the phone.


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027 967 3821